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We have partnered up with many organizations, as you see below, to help raise support and awareness of the needs of the less fortunate in India. If you or an organization that you are a part of would like to join us in this effort, please take a look at our annual report and send us a blurb about you and/or your organization to add below.

Annual Report


Dos Toros was founded by two brothers from California with a simple dream - to bring the best of the San Francisco taqueria experience to the rest of the country. We opened in Chicago in the Fall of 2017 and proudly cook our recipes from scratch using the finest ingredients and naturally raised proteins. Working together, our terrific and talented team strives to deliver uncompromising excellence, one burrito at a time!


Started in 1989, Matt Alex started the Indo-Pak Basketball Tournament in Chicago, as a response to the need for a quality, competitive and respectable basketball tournament catering to the Indian and Pakistani demographic.  Over the years, it has grown much larger than some might have expected, with people traveling from all over the US and Canada to play in the Chicago Invitational, as well as satellite tournaments being held in other cities!

This River North sports-bar sib to Estate Ultra Bar pours draft beers and craft cocktails in three strengths to go along with a sizable Italian-leaning pub menu featuring pizza, pasta and panini. The spacious, swanky setting has soaring ceilings, leather seating, bamboo flooring and, as expected, lots of TVs tuned to the game. Check them out here!

WeWork provides small businesses, startups, and freelancers with the workspace, community, and services they need to make a life, not just a living. With weekly events, personalized support, month-to-month flexibility, and access to over 40,000 like-minded creators around the world – WeWork is the perfect place to grow your business in 2016. Book your tour here.

Have friends interested in WeWork? The WeWork Refer app makes it easy to refer them and earn 10% their monthly membership fees for up to one year. (Can't get the app? You can also submit referrals to referrals@wework.com.)



naansense is inspired by the rich and historical roots of indian cuisine. our menu features all natural ingredients, hormone free meats, fresh cut vegetables, small batch sauces and savory spices, including a variety of vegan and gluten free options. each dish is handcrafted daily in our kitchen from scratch. naansense has generously offered to collect donations at their registers as well as have profit share days where 10% of sales are directed to Givology Chicago! Check them out here.



We are proud to announce that  we have partnered with Raas Royalty this year! Raas Royalty is hosting its 6th annual dance competition on campus on March 5th this coming year. Some aspects of this partnership include the following: Raas Royalty will have donation boxes for Givology Chicago at campus events. 

We are incredibly excited to partner up with such a tremendous organization dedicated to helping the youth obtain the education everyone deserves!

Check out the Raas Royalty website


Raas Mania has partnered with Givology Chicago as their charity for the year! Raas Mania is an intercollegiate dance competition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Their Executive Board and Indian Students Association is hosting its 4th annual dance competition on campus this coming year. Their organization's mission is to promote and spread India's culture through the use of a traditional folk dance called Raas. Raas is a vibrant folk dance that originated in the state of Gujurat. Raas is traditionally done with sticks, called dandias, during the festival of Navratri. During Narvratri, performers dance in a circle as they honor Goddess Durga. We are incredibly excited to partner up with such a tremendous organization dedicated to helping spread the culture of India. Check out their page at www.raasmania.com and please let us know if you know any other competitions as their benefited charity

Merchant Giving Project is a social enterprise helping businesses make a positive impact through charitable giving. Merchant Giving Project donates a portion of credit card fees to a variety of non-profit organizations.

They create funding possibilities for charitable organizations through partnerships with local businesses. Sign up and every month you are enrolled, a portion of your credit card processing fees is donated to a charity of your choice. Merchant Giving Project not only raises money for charity, we also save businesses money in the process. Click here for more info.

"As a new business owner I found that credit card processors can be one of the most deceiving people to deal with. I switched processors three times in search of rates that were reasonable and competitive without the hidden fees. Finally I found Merchant Giving Project. At first I was reluctant to change processors as I have heard it all in terms of false promises and just plain lies. Eventually I came around and haven't regretted it one bit! I love that a portion of my fees goes to charity, but most of all I love having one point of contact for all my questions regarding any credit card processing fees. Doug explained every question I had and even took the time to set up my machine. Because of this straight-forward approach I will be a merchant giving business for life." Dr. Deepak Neduvelil | Skyline Smiles

Elite's commitment has always been to seek out the absolute best income producing real estate opportunities in world-class cities such as Chicago, where housing demand, rent to price ratios are high and jobs are plentiful. Through trial and error they have learned like any business what works and what doesn’t. What areas are most desirable for tenants, what do tenants prefer to have in their properties to keep them rented and where can they find consistent inventory. Chicago, IL is the 3rd largest city in the United States and it creates a very favorable market for landlords to own rental properties since a large part of the City rents. Check out their team!


Killerspin is a table tennis equipment, accessories, and clothing brand that also sponsors and hosts competitions, as well as table tennis related special events. With table tennis becoming a global sport, Killerspin equipment and products are distributed in fourteen countries on five separate continents.