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What's the giving campaign?

Our first annual Giving Campaign is focused on providing educational opportunities for women in India! Our goal is to raise $730 for each woman above, which provides an opportunity for them to attend a three to four year secondary education program in India. The Giving Campaign will run through 12/14/2017, and all of the funds raised during this period will be donated directly to these 7 students!

Sejal. Vaibhavi. Harshi. Tejal. Krishtina. kinjal. amita.

These 7 women from rural Gujarat, India crave the opportunity to change the world. If you're interested in investing in the future of these young women, please help them by donating at the link above. Even $20 can make a tremendous impact on their futures!

Why Donate?

So far this campaign, we've raised enough funds to fully fund seven of our scholars! Tis the season give the gift of education and invest in the future of these students to help fulfill their desire to continue learning. An opportunity is developed based on a set of circumstances. Be the reason that makes it possible for these students to achieve a higher education. Additional funds raised will go towards other young women in Gujarat and Rajasthan!

“If India enrolled 1% more girls in secondary education, GDP would rise by $5.5 billion.”


*Please note that your donation is tax deductible.