Givology's History

Givology started with a team of students at University of Pennsylvania. Since its launch in 2008, the team has raised more than $600,000 to help over 3,400+ students in 26 countries through 46 grassroots partnerships. Givology pioneers a new model of "crowd-sourcing" philanthropy to make the largest impact at the lowest cost. As a 100% volunteer-driven organization, Givology has received the Intelius Award for "Best Student-Run Social Enterprise", "Top Education Non-profit" by GreatNonprofits, "Technology in Education" prize by Education Without Borders and Ford Focus Finalist.

Givology Chicago Mission

To create a community of young professionals focused on the betterment of education around the world in order to provide students the opportunity to succeed. By partnering with Nanubhai Foundation, we hope to provide young women from Gujarat and Rajasthan, India full-ride scholarships to not only break social barriers, but also bring university education back to their communities.

About the Chapter Founders

Neil Doshi | Sagar Patel

After working with many non-profit organizations in the past, Neil and Sagar were simply not satisfied with the impact they were making. After realizing the potential that lies within the young professionals of Chicago, they decided to start their own chapter of a young and progressive organization, Givology. Givology Chicago started in February of 2015 after Neil and Sagar worked tirelessly to put together a strong group of young professionals who similarly shared the passion to create a community with the sole purpose to drive change in the world. Having Indian backgrounds and recognizing the rare educational opportunities their parents had growing up that got them to where they are now, Neil and Sagar decided to focus their efforts on raising awareness and quality of the education system in India. In just 16 months, Neil and Sagar have led the efforts to raise over $35,000 to support schools in Tamil Nadu and to provide scholarships to college-bound young women in Gujarat.

Neil is currently at Credit Suisse in Los Angeles and Sagar is at Door Dash in New York.