What is Givology and who are we?

Givology is a 100% volunteer-run social enterprise that works to connect grassroots education projects and students around the world to you. From teacher training and school lunch programs to library construction and scholarships, Givology emphasizes transparency and maximizing the impact per dollar given. Givology Chicago is a team of individuals in the Chicagoland area creating a community of young professionals focused on the betterment of education around the world in order to provide students the opportunity to succeed. Every child deserves the right to a proper education. Take a look around and come join our team! 

Our Philanthropic Efforts

Our Success in four short years!

In 2017 and 2018, Givology Chicago set the bar to its highest level yet! Our team successfully raised $35,000/year to provide ~80 new full-ride scholarships to underprivileged, but outstanding young women in Gujarat, India. Thanks to your support in attending our events and donating through the Giving Campaign, we have been able to provide these young women the opportunity to drive change in society.

In 2015, Givology Chicago successfully raised $20,000 to fully support 20 village schools in Tamil Nadu, India. Every $1,000 raised fully supported a school of 30 students for an entire year! In 2016, Givology Chicago successfully raised $30,000 to provide 39 full-ride scholarships

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